The article will elaborate on the effective optimization for online search results, specifically targeting small businesses aiming to enhance their local presence. Primarily, implementing a comprehensive keyword research strategy is vital; identifying keywords with high search volume and low competition relevant to the business’s niche allows for targeted content creation and optimization. Ensuring consistent and … Read more

What is Cat Year. Human Years vs Cat Year

Human Years vs. Cat Years Welcome to our blog pest on a topic that has puzzled cat owner for years the comparison between human years and cat year! Have you ever wondered how old your furry friend really is in human toms? Well, you’re about to find out! In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating … Read more

Hyperglycemia(Common causes, symptoms and treatment)

Hyperglycemia most commonly known as high blood sugar is a disease in which the level of glucose or sugar is high above normal range. This disease can be serious if not treated at time. Hyperglycemia is mainly seen in people with diabetes problems. In this problem, the blood sugar level settle at or beyond 200ml/dl. … Read more

National park of Pakistan (Fairy Meadows)

It is located in one of the base camp of the majestic Nanga Parbat. it is reachable by 15 kilometers jeepers trek that starts from Raikot bridge on Karakorum highway to Tato village. From the bridge to the village is a dangerous and narrow road which is only allowed for locals who provide transportation to … Read more

The Human Brain(Their structures & funtions)

Human brain is divided into three parts, the forebrain, the midbrain and the hindbrain. The forebrain is the largest part of brain, most of which is made up of cerebrum also known as telencephalon and diencephalon. The human brain consist of four lobes in association with cerebellum. These four lobes are named as below: Frontal Lobe Parietal Lobe Occipital Lobe Temporal Lobe   Here we … Read more

Heat Stroke (Risks, Symptoms, Preventions and Treatment)

Heat stroke is an illness marked by elevation in body temperature usually as a result of prolong exposure to high temperature. Heat stroke results in body temperature greater than 40°C  or higher. The condition is most common in summer months and is the most serious heat-related-illness. It can quickly damage multiple organs that include the … Read more

What is Education?

Any experience that modify the way of responce and behaviour is known as Education.It is the way through which we can change ourself in good manners,behaving like a good citizen and also give a path of reality.Education include schools,colleges,teachers,students and books.The role of education is central to the development and broadmindeness of the society. Situation … Read more