Benifits of honey and milk in daily life diet

Benefits of Honey and Milk:


Honey was loved by the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) because Allah Almighty said that it has healing properties and the sages have written numerous benefits of honey, some of them are as follows.
Licking honey in the mouth removes phlegm
Cleanses the stomach
Eliminates waste
Opens the door
Moderates the stomach
Gives strength to the mind
Heat intensifies instinct
Force creates movement in fire
Very useful for bladder
Stimulates the bladder and opens urinary obstruction
Very useful for paralysis
Excites the wind and induces appetite
If you are not sleeping, mix water and drink immediately, you will fall asleep
If there is a pain in the back or any part of the body, drinking it mixed with lukewarm milk gives relief
Honey and milk are extracts of thousands of flowers
If all the scholars of the world want to gather and prepare such an extract, they will never be able to make it.
Hazrat Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with him, says that milk was very dear to the Messenger of God
Some of the benefits of milk are as follows:
Milk creates energy:
It has the strength of 10 men,
Quickly digested and acts as a substitute for food, it produces semen.
The face turns red,
removes waste products,
Strengthens the mind
If there is a pain in the back or any part of the body, drinking warm milk mixed with honey will bring relief
Also, milk has the power that no other food has, so make it a part of your life’s diet.