Meethi seviyan banane ka tarika (how to make it) complete recipe

Meethi seviyan: Meethi seviyan is one of the most commonly cooked dish on special occasions like Eid or weddings etc in most of the Asian countries and Islamic countries like Pakistan, India. Different people have different styles of making making meethi seviyan but here i will share the most common method of making meethi seviyan, … Read more

Lachhedar paratha (Quetta Karachi hotel style) complete recipe

 Lachedar paratha Paratha is the most commonly used dish in breakfast in the countries of South Asia especially in Pakistan. People used different styles to make parathas but one of the most commonly used style is lachhedar paratha and in Pakistan Quetta cafes and hotels are well known for making best of the lachhedar paratha. … Read more

How to make sheer khaurma (recipe and how to cook)

Sheer khurma: Sheer khurma is a special vermicelli pudding that is prepared by Muslims on special occasions like Eid-ul-fitr and Eid-ul-adha. It is originated from Afghanistan and was modified in India. This dish is made from different types of dry fruits, condensed milk, vermicelli and sugar etc. Ingredients: 1 litre of milk. clarified butter 2 … Read more

Sindhi Biryani (recipe, how to make it) updated 2023

It is a unique type of meat and rice biryani dish that has arise from the province Sindh, Pakistan. it is one of the most consumed dish in the Pakistani cuisine. Ingredients: Following are the ingredients that are used in cooking Sindhi biryani: ½ cup oil. 3 medium sliced Onion. Ginger garlic paste 1 tablespoon. … Read more

How to make chicken manchurian instantly perfect

Chicken manchurian is a delicious dish of chicken. It is the combination of Chinese and Indian tastes. It is liked in almost all parts of the world especially in Pakistan India and China. Following are the ingredients and recipe of chicken manchurian. Ingredients: Chicken breast.                      … Read more