How to create WhatsApp channel (complete procedure)

WhatsApp channel WhatsApp introduced channel creation facility some time back. Then it is limited only to verified green tick account and common people could not create their own channel but now channel creation facility is available to everyone and everywhere on Facebook WhatsApp channel is visible. Everyone is creating their channel and getting followers. Along … Read more

Fastest growing tree in the world

The fastest growing tree in the world The fastest growing tree in the world is paulownia which does not catch fire i.e. it is fireproof. It is written as paulownia in English, it is a German tree and German botanists are its creators. Characteristics of paulownia: Paulownia has a record of growing more than 6 … Read more

How to switch two accounts in one WhatsApp

Register two WhatsApp on one WhatsApp and switch anytime Good news for those who want to use two different WhatsApp numbers in the same mobile phone, now they don’t need to install any clone app or two WhatsApp’s. Now WhatsApp introduce the feature of using two accounts in one WhatsApp ,facilitating users so that they … Read more

How to open mobile SMS in your laptop or PC

As you may know, by scanning mobile WhatsApp on computer or laptop, we can see messages and send WhatsApp messages to anyone from laptop, in the same way we can also scan mobile SMS. You can open it by scanning in the top and you can read all the messages and you can also send … Read more

How to unbanned your whatsapp when it gets banned

A lot of friends get banned from WhatsApp, due to which they are very worried. Today I will tell you why WhatsApp gets banned. And how to unbanned it when it gets banned. Reasons behind whatsapp banned : (1) The first reason is to use any other WhatsApp apart from the official WhatsApp (2) Joining … Read more

How to call anyone when mobile phone gets locked

Nowadays, most mobile phones are locked.  If an accident happens, often no one can contact the family because the mobile phone is locked.  Today I will tell you about this feature that even if your mobile phone is locked, you can call your family.  This call is called emergency call and after setting it, it … Read more