Fastest growing tree in the world

The fastest growing tree in the world The fastest growing tree in the world is paulownia which does not catch fire i.e. it is fireproof. It is written as paulownia in English, it is a German tree and German botanists are its creators. Characteristics of paulownia: Paulownia has a record of growing more than 6 … Read more

The hottest desert on earth (the lut desert)

The hottest place on earth is the Desert of Lut (Lot). The Lut Desert The Dasht-Lot desert, located northeast of the Iranian city of Kerman, is the hottest place in the world. In Persian language Lut (Loot) is called a waterless desert. It is the 25th widest desert in the world. which is only 56 … Read more

National park of Pakistan (Fairy Meadows)

It is located in one of the base camp of the majestic Nanga Parbat. it is reachable by 15 kilometers jeepers trek that starts from Raikot bridge on Karakorum highway to Tato village. From the bridge to the village is a dangerous and narrow road which is only allowed for locals who provide transportation to … Read more

Top 10 beautiful places to visit in Islamabad

  Islamabad is the Capital of Pakistan. It is ranked 2nd most beautiful capital of the world. It is lush green with lots of scenic attractions for the tourists from all over the world. It is ascertained that almost 4 million international tourists visits Islamabad each year. Keeping in view, we are recommended such tourists … Read more