How to call anyone when mobile phone gets locked

Nowadays, most mobile phones are locked.  If an accident happens, often no one can contact the family because the mobile phone is locked.  Today I will tell you about this feature that even if your mobile phone is locked, you can call your family.  This call is called emergency call and after setting it, it is possible to call emergency numbers even if the mobile is locked.

In emergency mode in mobile you can save all your necessary information including blood group and also set who to notify in case of emergency.  Numbers saved in this setting can be called even when your mobile is locked.  This setting should be mandatory for everyone.

An advantage of this setting is that if the mobile is lost, if an honest servant finds it, he can call the family members and tell them about finding the mobile despite being locked.

Procedure :

For this setting you can find Emergency option on lock screen as shown in picture 1 and 2.


After clicking on this option you can enter your name address blood group and any medical notes.  See Figure 3

In its contact option, you can set the numbers of your family to be notified in an emergency.  You can also write one number in it, but I suggest that two to three numbers must be written.  See Figure 4

Hope this small but essential information will be useful for all of you. See pictures below.Whats-App-Image-2023-10-18-at-10-51-29-AM-1



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