How to create WhatsApp channel (complete procedure)

WhatsApp channel


WhatsApp introduced channel creation facility some time back. Then it is limited only to verified green tick account and common people could not create their own channel but now channel creation facility is available to everyone and everywhere on Facebook WhatsApp channel is visible. Everyone is creating their channel and getting followers.

Along with this, many questions are coming that what is the benefit of this channel and can we make any earnings from this channel? So in today’s post I will answer the same questions and also tell you how to create a channel.

Advantages of WhatsApp channel:

First of all, let’s talk about what is the advantage of WhatsApp channel, then its biggest advantage is privacy, if you create a group, then your number will be shown to everyone. Your number will not be shown to anyone, nor will the number of followers be shown to you, but if someone follows you whose number you already have saved, then his number will be shown in the followers list.

Another great advantage of this is that there is no limit to your number of followers, just like the number of members in a group and community, Hundred or even thousand of peoples can join your channel. That means you can spread your message to a huge number by creating your own channel.

WhatsApp channel is beneficial for people who are doing their online business like running their YouTube channel Facebook page or any website. These people can share their product or video or post link in the channel to convey their message to the followers.

Will we be able to earn money from it?

Now let’s come to the answer to the question that is in the mind of many people that will we be able to earn any money from it?

Because money is earned from YouTube channel, many people think that money can be earned from WhatsApp channel, so my answer for them is that you can earn money, but WhatsApp will not give that money. But channel can help you to earn money like if you sell any product or provide any service online then you can give updates of your product and services in channel and get customers from whatsapp itself.

If you have a YouTube channel, you can share the link of your videos in the channel and get views from here.

In WhatsApp channel only you can post, followers can only react by emoji. Can copy post and forward to anyone.

How to create channel on whatsapp?procedure:

To create a WhatsApp channel you go to the Updates tab which shows the status. And click on the option shown in Figure 1, then you will see the Create Channel option. Click on it.



After that you will see some information about the channel Click on Continue here. See Figure 2.

After that there will be channel logo name and channel description option, here write about the channel and click on Create Channel. See Figure 3.


Yes, your channel is ready. In picture 4 you can see the channel. Now you will click on the channel link, then you will get the link of your channel, now you can share this link with everyone and ask everyone to follow. You can also create more than one channel.


Now a little information for those who are following someone’s channel. First of all you don’t need to worry about your privacy your number will not be shown to anyone even the creator of the channel. .

Whichever channel you follow, those channels will be shown in the update tab.

Whenever there is a new update of the channel you will follow, you have to go to the update option and see it yourself because by default the notification option will be off, but you can turn it on by clicking on the notification bell at the top of the channel. But the notification will turn on. See Figure 5.


You can see the last one month post of any channel before following it.

 Hope I have given all the information of whatsapp channel but if still have any query then you can ask in comments.

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