Sinusitis(causes, symptoms and treatment)

Sinusitis is also called rhinosinusitis. The sinusitis is a inflammation of nasal sinusis that may be severe or long termed. The sinuses are the holes between the facial bones in the skull. The sinusis are also infection of the upper respiratory tract. it is a condition in which the tissue lining the sinuses becomes inflamed. … Read more

Heat Stroke (Risks, Symptoms, Preventions and Treatment)

Heat stroke is an illness marked by elevation in body temperature usually as a result of prolong exposure to high temperature. Heat stroke results in body temperature greater than 40°C  or higher. The condition is most common in summer months and is the most serious heat-related-illness. It can quickly damage multiple organs that include the … Read more

What is Education?

Any experience that modify the way of responce and behaviour is known as Education.It is the way through which we can change ourself in good manners,behaving like a good citizen and also give a path of reality.Education include schools,colleges,teachers,students and books.The role of education is central to the development and broadmindeness of the society. Situation … Read more

Top 10 beautiful places to visit in Islamabad

  Islamabad is the Capital of Pakistan. It is ranked 2nd most beautiful capital of the world. It is lush green with lots of scenic attractions for the tourists from all over the world. It is ascertained that almost 4 million international tourists visits Islamabad each year. Keeping in view, we are recommended such tourists … Read more