The hottest desert on earth (the lut desert)

The hottest place on earth is the Desert of Lut (Lot).


The Lut Desert


The Dasht-Lot desert, located northeast of the Iranian city of Kerman, is the hottest place in the world. In Persian language Lut (Loot) is called a waterless desert. It is the 25th widest desert in the world. which is only 56 meters higher than sea level. The western part consists mostly of dry sand dunes. The middle part is plane and large while the eastern part is observed to be the most difficult area due to the high sand ridges. This desert is spread over an area of ​​52 thousand square kilometers. Winds from the Atlantic Ocean and the Arabian Sea do not make it to this desert, due to which it is very hot. From 2003 to 2010, NASA’s Aqua satellite recorded the temperature of various places around the world, and in 2005, the satellite recorded a temperature of 70.7 degrees Celsius, the highest recorded temperature on Earth. .


According to scientists, this desert was a part of the ocean millions of years ago, which rose up due to the movements of the tectonic plates, while its water gradually evaporated and disappeared, and now there is only a salt plain. So it is so much high temperature place in the world and it is not easy to visit this place for humans. If you want to visit this place, You needs a lot of efforts, first aid, water, food and everything else that is needed to survive in your life

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